Civil Engineering

About The Department

Established for more than a decade the Department of Civil Engineering has excelled in bringing out professionals with high caliber and outstanding skill sets. The Faculty of the department aims at delivering a spectrum of knowledge which combines the concepts of past and the technologies of future. We train our students to use theoretical knowledge to real time applications in the field. We encourage our students to take up internships and participate in curricular and co curricular activities which helps them reshape their career perspective. We also provide industry experience for our young Engineers through Industrial Collaboration Programmes. We have grown into a full-fledged department with specialization in Construction Engineering and Management.


To be a centre of learning in civil engineering education offering programs oriented with industry friendly curriculum meeting global standards to build ethical civil engineers embedded with research, entrepreneurship and excellence in academics to cater the needs of society.


  • To establish a domain of valuable civil engineers with a pattern of discipline for the development of nation with ethical, environmental and economical concern.
  • To produce civil engineers who will be able to induce knowledge based transformation of the society.
  • To attain knowledge based society by imparting broad set of technical skills and attitude to meet the national standards.
  • To provide technology based civil engineering services to meet the aspiration of the people and the industry.



I am truly much delighted to welcome you all for the Department of Civil
Engineering which has a vision to create technocrats with global standards. The
Department offers UG programme in Civil Engineering and PG programme in
Construction Engineering and Management. The Department has rigorous faculty team
aiming to mould every student with competent industrial skills through outcome based

The extensive laboratory facilities available at the department create wide
opportunities for every student to broaden their knowledge with endless possibilities.
Aspirant Students are supported for excelling in competitive examinations to pursue
higher studies and to start a rewarding career in leading industries of the globe. The
dedicated faculty team involves in empowering the future nation builders through
structured academic module, outcome based internships, real time projects and activity
based learning.

Beyond Classroom learning, budding engineers are trained with latest
technological developments in Civil Engineering through value added courses in the
areas of Structural engineering, Water Resources Engineering and 3D Printed Homes.
Every student of the department is rightly directed towards attaining excellence in
academics, research, innovation and entrepreneurship. Alumni’s of the Department are
serving in India and Abroad as top level engineers for execution of modern construction

Civil Engineering at NIT will be the right choice for every student who dreams
about greater heights in their professional life after graduation.

Sl.NoName of the FacultyView Profile
1Dr.M.Sivaraja Principal
2Dr. J.Prakash Arul JoseProfessor
4Mr.M.VadivelProfessor HODi/c
5Mr.Madhan PAssistant Professor
6Mrs.S.BrindhaAssistant Professor
7Ms.N.Arulmozhi PriyaAssistant Professor
8 Mr.P.SiddharthanAssistant Professor
9Mrs.J.K.SowmiyaAssistant Professor
10Dr.Udhayasakthi Professor
11Mr.SugumarAssistnat Professor

PEO1: To prepare students for successful careers in Civil Engineering field that meets the needs of Indian and multinational companies.

PEO2: To develop the confidence and ability among students to synthesize data and technical concepts and thereby apply it in real world problems.

PEO3: To develop students to use modern techniques, skill and mathematical engineering tools for solving problems in Civil Engineering.

PEO4: To provide students with a sound foundation in mathematical, scientific and engineering fundamentals necessary to formulate, solve and analyse engineering problems and to prepare them for graduate studies.

PEO5: To promote students to work collaboratively on multi-disciplinary projects and make them engage in life-long learning process throughout their professional life.

PSO1: Able to apply the engineering fundamentals to analyze and design the various structural components.

PSO2: Able to cater to the changing industrial needs and capable of developing green concepts for different applications.

PSO3: Able to understand the necessity of Civil Engineering solutions in a economical, Environmental and societal context.

PO1. Engineering Knowledge: Graduates will demonstrate knowledge of mathematics, food science and engineering

PO2. Problem analysis: Graduates will demonstrate an ability to identify, formulate and solve engineering problems related to food sector/industry.

PO3. Design/development of solutions: Graduates will demonstrate an ability to design or process food products as per the needs and specifications

PO4. Conduct investigations of complex problems: Graduate will able to focus on the importance of safe processed nutritious food.

PO5.Modern tool usage: Graduate will demonstrate skills to use modern tools and equipment to analyze food prone infection and food spoilage.

PO6The engineer and society: Graduate will show the understanding of impact of engineering   on the society and also will be aware of contemporary issues.         

PO7. Environment and sustainability: Understand the impact of the professional engineering solutions in societal and environmental contexts, and demonstrate the knowledge of, and need for sustainable development.

PO8. Ethics:  Graduates will demonstrate knowledge of professional and ethical responsibilities

PO9. Individual and team work: Graduates will demonstrate an ability to work in Food industries, research organization and teaching.

PO10 Communication: Graduates will be able to express themselves clearly in oral and verbal communication needs.

PO11. Project management and finance: Graduate will be able to understand economic    importance of food products and food laws.

PO12.Life-long learning: Graduate will develop confidence for self education and ability for life-long learning in developing innovative products to serve the time time demand of nutritious and healthy food.

There is a massive career scope in Civil Engineering as BE/BTech Civil Engineering graduates can explore promising opportunities in both the private sector and public sectors. Most importantly, there is an immense scope of Civil Engineering in both government sector and Private sector where you can work in the Various Specialization in Civil Engineering.

Civil engineering is a widely structured discipline to study the concept of design, construct and maintain infrastructure systems and projects. The field is broken down into various branches, increasing the scope of civil engineering. A degree in civil engineering prepares an individual to work with the construction industry as well as in managing the business and finance section.

As a highly technical and intellectually-rewarding field of study, the scope of Civil Engineering is truly immense and requires candidates to possess certain skills to thrive in their careers.