Skill Enhancement Initiatives

Nehru Institute of Technology

Soft Skills

Soft skills are necessary for students to be successful in their careers. Soft skills are personality attributes that make meaningful interaction with others possible. Soft skills are vital for students to increase employability skills and acquire a dream job because most firms provide teamwork. They play an important role in the overall development of students’ identities, which helps them to achieve their career goals. This enables students to build self-assured personalities and mature outlooks that enable them to perform well in various situations.

Language & Communication skills

The importance of communication is intrinsically tied to the engineering world’s characteristics. Engineers must be able to communicate effectively and clearly with a wide range of people, including clients, vendors, consumers, authorities, and other industry colleagues. Knowing a foreign language is advantageous for people who work in a foreign place, whether in a foreign country or with consumers all over the world. Engineers with strong communication skills can express their ideas confidently in meetings, presentations, and reports.

Life skills

Adolescent life skill management is essential in today’s world. People who have life skills are better able to deal with the demands and issues of everyday life. It assists a person in becoming a “balanced adult” who makes a meaningful contribution to society. Life skills are employed in various situations, including human interactions, learning about rights and responsibilities, and health issues such as drug abuse, suicide prevention, and other mental health issues. Furthermore, this skill enables students to take proactive measures to protect themselves and promote health and positive social interactions in a range of contexts, such as the environment, education, consumer education, peace education, and social-cultural issues.

ICT Skills

Employers from a range of industries compete for ICT-skilled college graduates. Computing science can assist students to learn more complex skills and information. It also expands one’s understanding of technology and how to use it. Students learn coding and programming abilities as well as academic knowledge in areas like computer science and web development. Work experience is regularly incorporated into ICT courses to assist students in developing practical skills and forming important industry connections.