Science and Humanities

About The Department

The Department of Science and Humanities was established in the year 2008 with a vision to develop engineers to face the future challenges in technical and scientific fields. The department is constituted with Mathematics, Physical Science and Humanities. The department has well equipped basic science laboratories and highly technologized English communication lab. Also it has eminent and experienced faculty members and skilled lab technicians. The department provides ergonomic learning environment to the students.


To become a centre for excellence in both the academic and research front and by inculcating knowledge on basic sciences, professional Ethics so that the graduates can succeed and contribute to an ever – changing society.


  • Advancement of teaching- learning methods and quality research at the individual, department, and institutional level through modern teaching- learning tools.
  • To inculcate entrepreneurial culture in young minds and make leader serves society with moral values.
  • To develop the understanding of basic skills and their application in the various process.

The Science & Humanities subjects are the Foundation Subjects for all the Branches of Engineering and Technology, the Vision is to Enhance & Empower the Scientific mental attitude of the students through the knowledge of core courses of the Science & Technologies. Our Department aims to provide the sound knowledge (both Theory and Practical) on the basis of the basic courses of Science & Humanities which lay the foundation of different Branches of Engineering and Technology. Our Department has experienced and committed Faculty Members with vast Research Experience. We ensure that students are abreast with latest Technologies through our regular teaching learning process and additional enrichment programs.

Sl.No Name of the Faculty View Profile
1 Dr.M.Kumaresan Professor and Head (Chemistry)
2 Dr.K.Parimala Gandhi Professor (Chemistry)
3 Dr.T.Jayaprakash  Professor (Physics)
4 Dr.K.Janani Assistant Professor (Physics)
5 Dr.G.Satheesh Kumar Assistant Professor (Physics)
6 Dr.N.Vithya Associate Professor (Maths)
7 Mrs.Amali Theresa S Assistant Professor (Maths)
8 Mrs.M.Gowrimanohari Assistant Professor (Maths)
9 Mrs.M.S.Umamaheswari Assistant Professor (Maths)
10 Mrs.R.Illakiya Assistant Professor (Maths)
11 Dr.T.Saranya Assistant Professor (English)
12 Mrs.J.Brindha Devi Assistant Professor (English)
13 Mr.A.Balthilak Assistant Professor (General Engineering)
14 Mr.S.Satheesh Kumar Assistant Professor (General Engineering)
15 Mr.V.Rajasubramanian Assistant Professor (General Engineering)
16 Mr.V.Satheeswaran Assistant Professor (General Engineering)
17 Mr.S.Raja Assistant Professor (General Engineering)