Central library

Nehru Institute Of Technology

Central library

Central library is automated with koha software package which is an integrated multi – user Library Management Software that supports all in–house operation in the library. Library operations are mostly computerized especially in text book circulation and OPAC. Bar-coding system have introduced for circulation and users online Registration. Total area of library is 8000Sqm and the seating arrangement is provided for 150 users at a time. The library follows open access system for all the users.


  • Library aims to be best among Engineering College libraries in the country. Library intends to incorporate the latest technology and adopt user friendly approach towards students and faculty. Library intends to offer comprehensive services related to dissemination of knowledge.
  • To be leading Institution in Academic excellence, Multidisciplinary Research, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Industry relation in order to mould true citizens of the country


  • Library serves as a resource center and aims to develop a comprehensive collection of document’s useful for faculty and students of the institute and provides an efficient dissemination of knowledge.
  • To create innovative and vibrant young leaders in Engineering and Technology field for building India as a knowledge power by improving the teaching-learning process.
  • To enhance employability, entrepreneurship and to improve the research competence to address Societal needs.
  • To generate engineering graduates who use knowledge as a powerful tool to drive societal transformation and inculcate in them ethical and moral values.

Library Resources

S. No Library Resources Numbers
1 Library Text and Reference books 29815 Vols.
2 National Journals 72
3 International Journals 72
4 Magazines 12
5 Back volumes 1917
6 Educational CD/DVD’s 1721
7 Project Reports 1018
8 Question Bank 118
9 News Papers 09
10 E-JOURNAL 10943
11 E-BOOK 15517

Open Access Resources

Co Learn
W3 Schools
Open Library

Open Access E-Journals

URL LINKS CONTENT URL LINKS CONTENT Doja database contains over 15 000 peer reviewed open access journals covering all areas of science, technology, medicine, social sciences, arts and humanities /  International Journals Research Articles Science and Humanities – Indian journals Now access full text articles from research journals published by CSIR-NISCAIR! Full text facility is provided nineteen research journals viz. ALIS, AIR, BVAAP, IJBB, IJBT, IJCA, IJCB, IJCT, IJEB, IJEMS, IJFTR, IJMS, IJNPR, IJPAP, IJRSP, IJTK, JIPR, JSIR & JST and Magazines viz. Science Reporter , Vigyan Pragati, Science Ki Duniya and a Natural Products Repository (NPARR). The International Association of Engineering and Management Education (IAEME) Publish various journals in Science, Engineering, Technology and Management. 5000+ Research Articles Electrical and electronics subjects  We can search and retrieve the Chapters from Books, Ph.D. (Doctoral) Thesis and other available sources in India
Highwire Press Journals HighWire by the numbers Publications:370 Articles:7,659,003, Free full-text articles: 2,434,604 Pay-per-view access m/ijor.aspx Subjects covered Engineering and science and humanities – Indian journals

Open Access E-Books

E-BOOKS – Links / books =PBRP0310WS012709 http://

Valuable web Sites

S.No Particulars Links
1 Inflibnet
2 Education
3 Parliament
4 Planning commission
5 Rajbhavan
6 Election Commission
7 Supremecourt
8. Vidwan
9 Directorate of Technical Education, Tamilnadu
10 CEC UGC you Tube Channel


S. No. E- THESES Links

Digital Libraries

S. No Digital Library

Library E-Resources

S. No. E- Journals E- Books
1 K-HUB    =860 K-HUB – Core Engineering E-books = 4812
2 DELNET  = 10083 DELNET E- Books = 15577

For all disciplines Links to E- Resources

S. No. E-Journal Database E-Resources URL Address
1 DELNET: E-Books and E-Journal
2 K-HUB: E-Books and E-Journal
3. NDLI:
6.  icampuz. 

Library Working Hours

The central Library kept opened from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM for all working days.

Library Rules

  1. The library is open from8.45AM to 6.00 PM on all working days except government holidays.
  2. Silience should be maintained in the library.
  3. If books are not returned on the due date, a fine of Rs. 2/- per day will be collected.
  4. Student should take care of the books without causing damage of any sort like folding or underlining with a pen or pencil.
  5. In case of loss of book is not available; three times the actual cost of the book will be collected.

Book Borrowing Eligibility

  1. UG-4 Books
  2. PG- 6Books
  3. Facilities- 6Books per sem
  4. Special Reference Books – one day (24 HOURS)
  5. ILL Facilities’ Available for DELNET