Alumni Association

Nehru Institute of Technology

The institution has an alumni association named Nehru Institute of Technology Alumni Association, which stands to build the bridge between the old students and the institution. Efforts are being made to register the association, which was done in January 2022 with the register number SL No. SRG/ Coimbatore/ 25/22 dated January 25, 2022. The alumni meet gives an excellent chance for the institution to solicit feedback from alumni in order to better prepare students for the profession.

The Alumni Association’s goals are as follows:

The institution’s alumni organization hosts an annual alumni meeting. During the last five years, the association has held meetings. Throughout the year, alumni pass on what they’ve learned from society to their juniors. In the form of talks, alumni also provide insight on the most recent tools/technologies to the current batch of students. This is a fantastic opportunity for students and professors to meet alumni. Alumni feedback is taken into account when filling in the gaps in topic knowledge and understanding. On the basis of alumni ideas, several programs on interview skills, personality development, study abroad, and career counseling are organized. Infrastructure facilities are renovated or expanded on a regular basis to satisfy the needs and goals of students, based on ideas made by alumni at alumni meetings. Students are kept up to date on various job prospects and corporate requirements by alumni of the institution. Our institution’s purpose is to establish and maintain a life-long relationship between the institute and alumni in order to support current batch students.

Alumni can participate in volunteer initiatives such as mentoring students in their fields of interest. To use the vast experiences of former institution students to assist our present students in finding suitable professions.

The institution’s alumni network is one of the most important sources of placement chances for students. Alumni can assist students in finding jobs at their own companies. Alumni in their organizations provide job opportunities.